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You can consult Erboli Residence policy or Faq for any cancellation policy and any doubts concerning your stay at Erboli Residence.
Policy and Faq

Policy and Faq

How to book?
It can be done by telephone, by email, through the website.
Once availability is confirmed, 30% of the total amount of the reservation must be paid as a deposit – no later than three days after the booking request.

Booking at Erboli Residence when it is considered valid?
The reservation is valid when the payment of the total amount for the requested period of stay is received, in the manner established at the time of booking.

What happens to the customer in the event of a cancellation?
It depends on the date by which the cancellation is made.
1) If the cancellation occurs up to 7 days before arrival, the penalty is 0 (the deposit is refundable)
2) If the cancellation occurs in 7 days. and 0 days before arrival the penalty is 30%.
3) If the customer does not arrive and there has been a call or a preventive warning, the penalty is 100%.
The penalty is always calculated on the total price paid by the customer for the reservation made.

Is a credit card guarantee required?
Yes, a credit card is required as a guarantee.

Who is there to welcome the guest when he arrives at Erboli. Residence?
The guest is welcomed on the spot by the owner / manager / collaborators, who will take the guest to the apartment and provide the keys to the guest.

At what time is check-in?
Arrivals are scheduled in the afternoon, from 15.00 to 18.00.

What should the customer do if he delays the arrival time?
The customer must telephone the owner / manager / collaborators to inform them of the time they will arrive.

What time should the apartment be vacated on the day of departure?
The guests are kindly requested to leave the apartment by 10.00.
The check out and the delivery of the keys will be carried out by the owner / manager / collaborators.

There is a parking?
Yes, there is unattended parking available for all guests of the residence.

Are caravans and camper vans allowed?
Yes, but only if they are acquaintances of the clients of the residence, prior notice to the owner and in any case against payment of € 30.00 per night.

How is the weekly change of linen made?
The change is included in the rental price and on the Saturday following arrival clean linen is left outside the door along with an empty bag. The guest will then personally replace the soiled linen and put it in the sack outside the door, so that it can be later withdrawn and taken away.

How far are the supermarkets and restaurants from Erboli?
The largest supermarket, Ipercoop, is located in Montevarchi, approx. 7 km. from Erboli, following the ss. “408”. In Cavriglia there is another, smaller supermarket, the Coop (3 Km. Approx.). In the whole area of the municipality of Cavriglia there are many restaurants, easily accessible from Erboli, no more than 30 minutes away by car; they are all indicated by road signs.