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You can consult Erboli Residence policy or Faq for any cancellation policy and any doubts concerning your stay at Erboli Residence.
Policy and Faq

Policy and Faq

When is any reservation confirmed? 

Reservations are confirmed when a deposit of 30% on the total amount is paid by a banker's transfer at The Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank. Any codes for payment will be given by the owner. Reservation will be confirmed either when it is settled up. Reservations will be cancelled instead if any deposit is paid.

What happens if a booking is cancelled?

You may have to pay a penalty. It depends on the dates tenants are going to cancel a reservation.

1. If a cancellation is from booking dates to up 30 days before the arrival no penalty must be paid.

2. If a cancellation is from 30 to 15 days before the arrival, 40% penalty on the total amount of rental price. 

3. If a cancellation is from 15 to 3 days before the arrival, 60% penalty on the total amount of rental price.

4. If a cancellation is from 3 to 0 days before the arrival, 85% penalty on the total amount on rental price.

5. If tenants aren't getting at Erboli at duly time, they must pay the total rental price, 100% penalty.

Penalties are calculated on the total price paid by tenants.

Do tenants have to give the owner a cautionary deposit?

Yes, tenants must leave € 150,00 as a cautionary deposit. It will be given back to tenants as soon as they check-out. Cost of accidental brekeages or damage to the property or kitchenware is the responsability of clients and must be settled with the owner prior to their return. When esteemed damage is more than the cautionary deposit, it won't be given back. Please, tell the owner if any kitchenware items should be broken.

Who welcome tenants at Erboli Residence?

Tenants will be welcomed by the owner or his reatives who will give them the keys of their apartment.

When are tenants expected to arrive at Erboli Residence?

Check-in is from 14.00p.m to 18.30p.m

What does a tenant have to do when he's arriving late at Erboli?

He has to call the owner to inform him about the time he is going to arrive, 348.8631828 (Stefano)

What time must tenants check-out?

tenants are kindly requested to check-out by 12.00a.m Keys can be left on the door or must

be returned to the owner along with the gate remote control.

Are there any car parks inside Erboli?

Yes, there is three free car parks for all tenants inside Erboli. 

Can caravans and vans stay overnight inside Erboli?

yes, but the owner has to be informed in advance and € 30,00 have to be paid. Extra bedlinen and towels will be paid on the spot.

When are bed linen and towels changed?

they are changed once a week, with no extra charge. A bag with clean linen and towels is left outside the apartment. Tenants have to change them on their own and put dirty linen/towels into the bag which will be carried off by the owner. Extra clean towels and linen are on payment on site.

How far are restaurants and supermarkets from Erboli?

The biggest Coop is in Montevarchi, 7 kms. far from Erboli (SP 408 road) A smaller Coop is in Cavriglia, about 3 kms. far from Erboli. There are plenty of restaurants in Cavriglia and on the outskirts. They are all within easy reach, no more than 30 minutes by car, just following road signals. Just ask the owner.

Shops are closed in the countryside and most villages in Italy on Sunday unless you are in big towns.