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The apartment (4 pax.) is groundfloor and has a private entrance with a front garden, a table, four chairs and an umbrella.

Apartment Lorenzo

Apartment Lorenzo (4 pax.) is next to Cosimo, after the entrance gate on the right. It's groundfloor and has a private front garden bordered by a hedge with a table, an umbrella, four chairs. A fully equipped kitchen, a wood cupboard, cutlery, pots and pans, a fridge, an oven, a toster, a flat-screen TV, a table, four chairs, air conditioning/heating. At the entrance there is a livingroom on the right which has a redbrick arch behind it. You go to a room with a double king-size bed (2 pax.) after the kitchen on the right with a wrought iron bed, two bedside tables and lamps, a wardrobe, air conditioning/heating. If you turn left, you go to a room with bunk beds (2 pax.), a wardrobe, a table, air conditioning/heating. After the kitchen, if you go straight, you are in a bathroom with a toilet, a shower (shower screen), heated tower rails.

No hairdryer.