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Fully equipped self-catering apartments to rent in Tuscany in the Chianti region near Arezzo, Florence and Siena.


Erboli Residence has got 14 self catering apartments. All of them have been renovated carefully, eight of them are placed in the main villa and the others have been made out of pigsties. An apartment is placed on the back side of the villa. Five apartment cater for two pax, five apartments cater for four pax. and four apartment cater for six pax.


Apartment Cosimo (6 pax.) is on the left after the entrance gate. It is the first one of those standing in a line. It's a comfortable apartment with a private front garden at the entrance. It is bordered by a hedge and suitable to children. An alley divides it from the lawn and the gazebo, an area for all tenants with tables, chairs and a fireplace. Tenants can go there 24-hour round without any charge or reservation.
Apartment Cosimo has been furnished according to typical tuscan building materials as wood, wrought iron and terracotta tiles.


Apartment Lorenzo (4 pax) is downstairs, the second one after the entrance gate on the right. An alley separates it by the lawn with a gazebo where tourists can go without any extra charge, 24 hour round. It has a fireplace, some tables, chairs, a comfortable place to relax in a tuscan style furnished gazebo.


Apt. Dante (2 pax.) is groundfloor, next to Lorenzo and is very calm and relaxing facing the lawn with the gazebo where all tenants can go 24 hour round without any extra charge and any reservation. Apartment Dante has been furnished respecting a typical tuscan style with terracotta tiles, wrought iron, and travertine.


Apartment Galileo (2 pax) is the fourth apartment, it's groundfloor next to Dante and faces the lawn and the gazebo too. The gazebo is an ideal place to read far from any noise. Renovation has used typical tuscan building materials as wood, terracotta and wrought iron.


Apartment Leonardo (6 pax.) has two floors, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and overlooks wonderful panorama over rolling hills and the swimming pool. An alley divides it from the lawn and the gazebo. The verandah is aside, just round the corner at the entrance, a perfect place to sip a glass of tuscan wine at sunset. Tourists like it very much. Renovation has used typical tuscan building material wood, wrought iron and terracotta.


Two bedroom apartment (4 pax) on the back side of the villa, one double king-size bed and two singles with antique wardrobes. It has a private entrance on a balcony, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Travertine tiles have been used in the bathroom. The apartment is fully air conditioned. The balcony has an umbrella, a table and some chairs.


The apartment Michelangelo (2 pax.) is to the North East. It is groundfloor and is well furnished as you can see from a wrought iron bed. You can see some original joists that have been restorated. The private front garden is an ideal place to enjoy sunsets eating or sipping.


The apartment (4 pax.) is in the villa, an entrance groundfloor and a front garden with a table, an umbrella and four chairs. It has two floors, the kitchen is downstairs and the two bedrooms are on the first floor. Some patches of original stone work and restored joists are still visible in the apartment.


The apartment is ground floor (2 pax.) with a private entrance and a front garden with a table, an umbrella and two chairs, a double king-size bed. There is a fireplace in the kitchen and a restored bathroom with toilet and a shower (shower screen).


The apartment (4 pax.) is in the villa on the first floor, has a private entrance into a fully equipped kitchen. A french window into a balcony with a table and chairs, overlooking a beautiful panorama. You can still admire some restored joists on the ceilings in the tuscan-style furnished bedrooms, with a wrought iron bed and wood bedside tables. Travertine tiles in the bathroom.


The apartment (2 pax.) is in the villa on the first floor. It faces the front lawn and overlooks the countryside. There is a hall with a table and two sofas before the entrance where tenants can enjoy wonderful sunsets.


Apartment Filippo (6 pax.) is in the villa, on the first floor on the left, after the stairs. There is a skylight in the kitchen. Rooms have been furnished smartly according to tuscan tradition. A loft entered by a spiral staircase into a twin room.



Apartment Eleonora (4 pax.) is in the villa after some stairs in the hall. When you get into, you will find a sofa bed (2 pax. king-size bed) a living room separated from a kitchen by a red brick arch. A French window in the kitchen into a balcony overlooking a beautiful panorama. A double king-size bed (2 pax.)


It's the biggest apartment at Erboli Residence (6 pax.), on the first floor. A private entrance into a room on the left with a sofa bed (2 pax. king-size bed). a kitchen next to it and two well furnished bedrooms (4 pax.), a double king-size bed (2 pax.) and a twin one (2 pax.). Restoration using typical tuscan materials, terracotta and wood. Travertine tiles in the bathroom. Some restored joists can be noticed on the ceiling.