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Erboli as it used to be, a story.
Erboli, a story

Erboli as it used to be, a story

Erboli Residence stands at the beginning of the Chianti region in Central Tuscany, near Cavriglia.

The former village of Erboli clustered few farmhouses around vineyards and fields in a wide sunny valley. A massive tuscan villa, of a stunning beauty, with barns and pigsties stood out among other houses.

At the entrance gate, there were some pigsties facing the farmyard on the right side. They bordered a steep slope in the fields. If you went straight instead, you could find the main villa on the left and a smaller building on the back side where farmers used to go baking. If you went straighter on along a road, which was bordered by cypresses, you could reach another gate.

Landownners and farmers have been living at Erboli up to the 40s. After the 2nd World War, Erboli was left abandoned and the villa had just been rented by those tourists who loved a peaceful tuscan countryside in the summertime. In the 90s both the villa and barns were restored because they had fallen into ruin, a waste ground which needed to get back to its original beauty. Restoration work had been done carefully. Some materials had been used again, i.e wood, wrought iron, terracotta and travertine. They have been popular building materials in Tuscany for a very long time.

After ten-year-restoration work, Erboli has been turned into a self catering rental apartment resort which has been fenced in throughout, Erboli Residence. 14 renting apartments, fully equipped kitchens beautifully furnished including some antique pieces of furniture and air conditioned. It includes an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a wide green area and some fruit trees, and a wide lawned garden with a gazebo for all tenants facing the villa.