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Some recreational outdoor/indoor facilities are at tourists' diposal at Erboli Residence so that tourists can enjoy a wonderful stay in Tuscany.      

Recreational facilities

There is an outdoor wrought iron gazebo in the yard in front of the villa. It's about 28 square metres wide and doesn't have any panes. It has a fireplace for all tourists to use, some tables and chairs. You can easily get connected to the Internet in there thanks to a Wi-Fi access point at the entrance. Tourists can go there 24-hour round without any reservation, free of charge. It has been designed to give a good view of the Residence. After walking down some steps from the yard, you are by a big swimming pool that all tenants can use, free of charge.

The main entrance of the villa is in front of the gazebo. The Hall has got two vending machines for snacks and hot/cold drinks and leads to a wide lounge which used to be a stable. You can still watch some patches of original stone work in the lounge. It includes two rooms separated by red brick arches. Tourists can comfortably sit by some tables watching TV, playing tennis table or pinball. You can also surf the Internet thanks to a Wi-Fi access point by the TV set. It is open 24 hour round (free of charge) and tourists don't have to make any reservation. No charge is required.

WI-FI access if free of charge all around Erboli Residence.