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Practise your horsemanship in a stunning countryside at some riding schools in agriturismo when you are on holiday at Erboli Residence.

Horse riding

Erboli Residence is near Agriturismo La Forra where tourists can practise horseback riding: Tuscany has always been a perfect place to enjoy spectacular panorama, to admire churches and ancient castles and even to improve horsemanship along tracks at some good riding schools in a wonderful countryside.

Apply to the Agriturismo la Forra where you can find a riding school, where horseback riding lovers, kids and whoever want to improve its horsemanship, can take lessons and spend a good time along some tracks in a green countryside. You will be coached by F.I.S.E. instructors or you can just go riding a horse in the wood with a guide. 

You can learn more about raising horses and mounting them if you book a period of training with some "butteri", cowboys from the Maremma in Tuscany as they will show ways to start to appreciate horses.

You can hire a horse or bring your own at Agriturismo la Forra.

Agriturismo la Forra

Loc. Montegonzi
52022 Cavriglia (Ar)
Tel. 055.966091 - 328.8263542
Fax. 055.9199805
Mail: info@laforra.it

INFO: Mr. Davide  3388337551