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Sign in Montalcino to taste a glass of Brunello and to admire the Val d'Orcia, Monte Amiata and the Maremma from the Rock!


Montalcino is in the province of Siena. It has been inhabited since Etruscan times but Montalcino got bigger and bigger in the Middle Ages and became an important town since it was placed along the Francigena route, a famous pilgrim road in the Middle Ages which connected Rome to France. But in spite of that, Montalcino started to live under the influence of Siena and gradually lost most of its economic cultural importance.

Montalcino is now an amazing town famous all over the world thanks to the production of Montalcino red wine, a typical tuscan wine which can be bought in every wineries. Main sights include some religious buildings as in most tuscan medieval town, the Sant'Antimo Abbey (Xth century) just outside the town walls, The Duomo Cathedral (XIXth century) The church of Badia Ardenga (XIth century) and the church of San Michele (XIVth century)

A massive fortress, La Rocca (1361) is also worth visiting. Tourists can enjoy wonderful panorama from the top of it of the Orcia valley, Mount Amiata, the Maremma and even further on the Crete Senesi.