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Arezzo is a town which is just 30 minutes far from Eboli Residence, a surprising town!


Arezzo is in the East of Tuscany. It has been inhabited since prehistory and was a very important Etruscan and Roman town because it has always been a pass over the Appennines. 

Arezzo grew more and more important in the Middle Ages and has a valuable part of the national heritage, a town where lots of fairs and tournments, as the giostra del Saraceno (the Saracen joust) are held. The Saracen joust takes place twice a year in the Piazza Grande or Piazza Vasari in Arezzo (Xth century) on the last Saturday of June by night, the San Donato Joust, and on the first Sunday of September in the afternoon, the September joust. It is an historical reenactment and knights with lance, representing four quarters of Arezzo, gallop their horses against an armor-plated dummy representing a Saracen. The competion is won by the couple of knights who hit the Saracen's shield obtaining the highest scores.

The Arezzo Antiques fair is held every first Saturday and Sunday of the month. It is Italy's largest fair and most visited. Tourists passing by enjoy the buzz of an open-air atmosphere browsing the stalls in the picturesque streets of ancient Arezzo. Carpets, chinaware, old furniture, paintings, tea cups, handicrafts, antique glasses and pots and more modern accessories are sold.

The Duomo Cathedral (XIIIth century), the church of San Domenico (XIIIth century), the Basilica San Francesco (XIVth century) the church of Santissima Annunziata (XVth century) don't have to be missed along with Pieve (parish church) Santa Maria (XIIIth century) and the Palazzo delle logge (XVIth century) designed by Vasari.