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The valdarno valley and the towns of Montevarchi, San Giovanni and Terranuova Bracciolini near Erboli Residence.
the Valdarno valley

The Valdarno valley

The Valdarno valley is run through by the river Arno. The upper part is called Valdarno Superiore, a land between Florence and Arezzo.

It is a wide basin bordered by Mount Pratomagno to North-East and the Chianti hills to South-West. It stretches along northern Tuscany. The Valdarno is most flat but has a lot of rolling hills as well where you can see plenty of clayey erosions. It has some sites of archaeologiocal interest where finds of the ancient Etruscan civilisation have been dug. Othere finds date back to Roman and Ligurian civilisation.

The Valdarno valley is one of the most industrialized area in Tuscany and is best known for its handicrafts, potteries, and stockings. Despite that, you will have plenty of historical sights and churches to admire in Montevarchi, Terranuova, San Giovanni Valdarno, Cavriglia and Figline Valdarno.

Montevarchi is the biggest town in the Valdarno, which has been inhabited since Roman times. Nowadays it's a modern industrial town with lots of churches to visit, the church collegiata of San Lorenzo (XVIIIth century), the church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo a Cennano (XIVth century), the church of Santa Maria al Giglio (XVIth century), the monastery (XIth century) in La Ginestra, the Cappuccini monastery (XVIth century), a paleontological museum (1819) and the museum of Arte Sacra (Sacred Art) at the church collegiata of San Lorenzo.

San Giovanni Valdarno is one of the most important town in the Valdarno Superiore. It has been inhabited since Roman times and is famous because Massaccio and Giovanni da San Giovanni were born there. It is a very important commercial financial centre and has some churches worth visiting, The Basilica of Santa Maria alle Grazie (XVIth century), the San Francesco convent in Montecarlo (XVth century), the church of Santissima Annunziata (XVIth century), the church of San Lorenzo (XIVth century) and the pieve (parish church) of San Giovanni Battista (XIVth century)

Terranuova Bracciolini is a big town in the Valdarno Superiore which has been inhabited since Roman times. You can admire the oratorio at Santa Maria in Campo Arsiccio (XVth century), the Ganghereto convent (XIVth century), the church of San Bartolomeo al pozzo (XIVth century) and the church of San Biagio ai Mori (XIVth century).

The Valdarno valley is also best known because you can admire the Balze, some natural areas near Reggello (Florence) quite usual across the valley. They consist in geological stratified pebbled formations of sand and clay, sort of big holes inserted in the hills. They result from some ancient sediments dismantled by atmospheric conditions. You can watch them driving through strada delle Cave (the Cave road) or spending an afternoon in the Natural Area le Balze in Reggello (Florence).