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Enjoy feelings of well-being at health centres or spa towns when you are at Erboli Residence in Tuscany on holiday. The health benefits of using thermal and mineral waters have been recognized since the time of ancient Rome, don't miss an occasion to improve your health!
Wellness at health centres and spa towns.


If you are spending a holiday at Erboli Residence (Arezzo), it will be as if you are going to be born again. Feelings of well-being will give you inner strenght so that you will be able fo face increasingly with difficulties of life. 

Erboli Residence is an ideal place to spend a stay in Tuscany, far away from a busy life. It has a big park, a wonderful outdoor swimming pool and barbecues in each apartment.

If you are at Erboli Residence, you are within drive reach of the well equipped Centro Benessere Bspace (health centre Bspace, in Montevarchi) or Terme Antica Querciolaia (Antica Querciolaia health centre, in Rapolano Terme, 50 minutes by car) and Terme Sangiovanni (Sangiovanni health centre, in Rapolano Terme, 50 minutes by car)

here is a list of health centres where tourists can go to strenghthen feelings of well-being while spending a charming peaceful holiday at Erboli Residence

CENTRO BENESSERE BSPACE (Bspace health centre, in Montevarchi. 10 minutes far from Erboli Residence)

Bspace health centre has an indoor swimming pool (salt water), a sauna, a Turkish bath and plenty of other beauty treatments to improve men and women well-being.

Bspace is also a beauty shop where you can have your face and body (manicure, french manicure, pedicure,) given special treatments, massages, ultrasound/laser skin therapies, removing hairs from the body, making up, hair salon.

Bspace has got a bar, a restaurant and a shop where healthy food is sold.


Via Ammiraglio Burzagli, 232/5

52025 Montevarchi- Arezzo

Tel. 055.900877 (info)

Fax. 055.983230

Mail: info@bspace.it


Monday-Friday 9.00-22.00, Saturday 9.00-19.00, Sunday closed.

How to get by car: Take the SP 408 road to Montevarchi and San Giovanni, 11 kilometres far from Erboli Residence

TERME ANTICA QUERCIOLAIA (Antica Querciolaia health centre, in Rapolano Tereme, 50 minutes far from Erboli Residence by car)

Tourists can spend some hours relaxing and having fun at Antica Querciolaia health centre in Rapolano Terme also recovering from skin diseases, and respiratory diseases. Rheumatism can be improved thanks to the benefits of thermal springs.

Here is a list of tratments at Querciolaia health centre,

Thermal swimming pool 

- mud therapy

- physiotheraphy

- physiokinesytherapy

- body/face beauty treatments

Tratments can be reimbursed by the National Health Service.

Via Trieste, 22

Rapolano Terme - Siena
Tel. 0577.724091/726577
Fax. 0577.725222
Mail: infoterme@termeaq.it (info)www.anticaquerciolaia.com

How to get by car (1 hour):  take the SP 408 road to Montevarchi and Levane (SS 69 road). drive to Ambra (SP road Val d'Ambra). Rapolano Terme, is 55 minutes far from Erboli Residence.

TERME DI SAN GIOVANNI (Sangiovanni health centre in Rapolano Terme)

Sangiovanni health centre, in Rapolano Terme is suitable to spend a pleasant day having fun improving your health. 

Here is a list of problems which can be treated at at Sangiovanni health centre,

- skin diseases.

- respiratory problems

- physical problems 

Treatments can be reimbursed by the National Health Service.

Via Terme San Giovanni , 52
53040 - Rapolano - Siena
Tel. +39 - 0577.72 40 30
Fax +39 0577.72 40 53
Mail: info@termesangiovanni.it (info)

How to get by car: take the SP 408 road to Montevarchi, Levane (SS 69 road) and to Ambra (SP Val d'Ambra), Rapolano Terme is at 55 minutes far from Erboli Residence.