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If you are interested in tuscan handicrafts and other stuff at bargain prices, stroll down into market towns near Erboli Residence.
Local market towns

Loca market towns

There are some market towns in the Valdarno valley near Erboli Residence, where you can spend relaxing mornings just browsing in the stalls.

Open-air markets in the Valdarno valley are in the mornings, 7.00 a.m-12.30 p.m. Stalls are piled up high with vegetables, fruits, local food, cakes but you can also find clothes, stockings, drapery, chinaware, cutlery, linens, handicrafts, travel goods, accessories and cosmetics.

Mon.: market day in Loro Ciuffenna (Arezzo), 25 minutes drive from Erboli Residence.

Tue.: market day in Figline Valdarno (Firenze), 25 minutes drive from Erboli Residence

Thur.: mareket day in Montevarchi (Arezzo), 10 minutes drive from Erboli Residence

Fri.: market day at Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo), 15 minutes drive from Erboli Residence

Sat.: market day in San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo), 18 minutes drive from Erboli Residence.

On the 1st weekend of each month, the Mercato dell'Antiquariato (the Antiques Fair) in Arezzo is held. It takes place in the charming Piazza Grande and in the streets in the town centre. It's a fair where stalls sell antique silver, furniture, glassware, potteries, cutlery, paintings, carpets, tapestry cushions, china, coins, and more modern trend stuff. Whenever the Antique Fair takes place, shops are open on High Street in Arezzo on Sunday afternoon.